Esker Yarrow

The Puppetmaster


Esker, level 10
Human, Artificer|Warlord
Hybrid Artificer: Hybrid Artificer Will
Warlord Leadership: Combat Leader (Hybrid)
Hybrid Warlord: Hybrid Warlord Will
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Crossbow)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Wand)
Background: Thousand Yard Stare, Commissioned Officer, Early Life – Child Prodigy, Mournland (Cyre), Mist-Touched, Birth – Omen (+2 Arcana)

Str 8, Con 16, Dex 10, Int 22, Wis 10, Cha 11.

Str 8, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 11.

AC: 25 Fort: 22 Reflex: 24 Will: 20
HP: 79 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 19

Endurance +13, Heal +10, History +16, Arcana +18

Human: Speed Loader
Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Superior crossbow)
Level 2: Crossbow Caster
Level 4: Improved Initiative
Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise
Level 6: Skill Power
Level 8: Distant Advantage
Level 10: Weapon Focus(Crossbow)

Bonus At-Will Power: Thundering Armor
Warlord at-will 1: Direct the Strike
Artificer at-will 1: Magic Weapon
Warlord encounter 1: Provocative Order
Artificer daily 1: Punishing Eye
Artificer utility 2: Swift Mender
Artificer encounter 3: Shocking Feedback
Artificer daily 5: Scent of Victory
Warlord utility 6: Reorient the Axis
Skill Power: Strategist’s Epiphany
Artificer encounter 7: Debilitating Intercession
Warlord Daily 9: Warlord’s Recovery
Warlord utility 10: Rousing Words

Widowmaker (Superior crossbow), Leather Armor, Ravenbrand (Greatsword), Dagger (10), Bag of Holding (heroic tier), Crossbow Bolts (200), Preserved Rations (30), Wand, Rope 50 ft. (Silk), Fine Clothing, Punishing Eye

Sonya’s Deadly Shot (Bracers of Archery – Heroic)
Jarvic’s Defensive Step (Boots of the Fencing Master)

Awakened Eye (Cat’s Eye Headband)
Rejuvenative Eye (Diamond Cincture – Heroic)
Inspiring Eye (Helm of Heroes)


Boots of Eagerness (9)
Feytouched Drowmesh Armor (12)


Esker Garret Yarrow was born into a loving family on a chilly Eyre morning in 970, in a small house situated in Eston, in north-western Cyre. Esker’s mother, Helena, was a housewife and raised him and his 2 older sisters, Elise and Saira, while his father, Lyle, was part of the Cyrean navy, fighting in the last war.

Growing up, Esker quickly showed signs of brilliance, learning at a fast pace. At the age of 12 he was sent to one of the most prestigious schools in Metrol, with a full scholarship. There, Esker was top in his class, and feeling unfulfilled with his studies, decided to take up learning the ways of the artifice in his spare time.

Still feeling unsatisfied, at the age of 17 he volunteered to join the Cyran army. He was found to be a decent marksman, and served as a crossbowman for his first year of service. Seizing the opportunity to make something of his skills, during this first year, he convinced his squadmates to let him embed a small arcane sigil on their armor. Through this sigil, Esker would evoke sonic blasts, or sometimes even control them to strike quickly and more efficiently. This unique style of combat impressed his commander, and Esker quickly climbed the ranks in the military until, by the age of 20 he was a commander of his very own squad.

Esker quickly became known through the Cyrean military as “The Puppetmaster” and despite being so young, garnered much respect and attention from high ranking military officials.

In days before the Mourning, Esker and his squad were returning from an attack on Atur, racing his troops back to reinforce Cyre, which was facing a heavy attack from Thrane armies. They were ambushed, however, by Karrn soldiers. Blades, bolts, blood and fire flew in every direction. Facing heavy losses and being outnumbered, Esker ordered his troops to scatter into the nearby forest and to fire from under cover of the brush. Slowly, they whittled down the Karrn forces and they soon after retreated.

Not seeing any signs of danger, Esker rose from the bushes and motioned for the surviving members of his squad to follow suit. Out of nowhere, a Karrn skeleton leapt and beheaded Esker’s best markswoman, Sonya. Esker scrambled to fire off a shot, but fired wide, and the skeleton charged him, gashing out his right eye. Esker’s squad filled the skeleton with bolts, but it had already done its damage.

Esker was ordered by his captain to take refuge in Gatherhold until his wounds were healed, and took over command of Esker’s squad in the meantime. It was then that the Mourning happened.

More to come…

Physical Description

Esker has a slender frame and stands only 5’8" in height. His hair and left eye are of similar colours , both being a very dark brown. His right eye is artificial and while the eye is in its socket, the iris is a pale green.

Esker wears ruddy brown leather armor, and a pale red scarf around his neck. On his belt is a small pouch, magically enchanted to store a large volume of objects inside of it. On his back he has a scabbard which contains his sword, Ravenbrand, a simple two-handed sword with a black hilt. In his hands he is oftentimes carrying his crossbow, The Widowmaker, which is a standard crossbow with a number of modifications made by Esker to shoot with more force, be more accurate and to load bolts much more efficently over a standard crossbow.

Esker Yarrow

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