Freya's Staff

The frost staff of the 3 Handmaidens.


The staff has been attuned to the party; they can use any of its powers, even if they aren’t holding it.

Constant Effect: Does 10 cold damage on a melee hit.

At-Will Standard: Cold & necrotic damage, can be used as basic ranged attack.

Encounter Standard: Psychic damage & immobilize against up to 3 enemies.

Encounter Immediate: A PC that was just dazed, stunned, or dominated can make a saving throw against it.


The staff of Freya, one of the 3 Handmaidens of the World Serpent. A shulassakar like her sister Blaeys, connecting them to the origin of the Silver Flame. Their bodies were found in Lemnos Vault on Shavarath; not sure yet why they were buried there.

The staff is attuned to psychic and frost power; it has the ability to strike with them and protect from mental assaults. In addition, the staff occasionally shows some basic drives in the form of physical movement, once to direct us towards a group of necromancers stealing their owners’ corpses, and again towards some ruins. She seems to be quite impatient; it would be nice to give her a way to speak rather than relying on clunky movements.

More research is necessary once the 3rd staff is obtained.


Freya's Staff

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