Shadows in Syrkarn

On how they got here

Pursuing an individual for Crimes against Life during the Last War, a small group of Khorvairians arrives on the exotic shores of Sarlona. The are informed the town is called Ardhmen, in the region called Syrkarn. Their next lead, discovering any information on the dreamlily trades…

Meanwhile, the old warforged called Bedouin walks under the Whispering Arch on his way into Ardhmen. The Speaker of the Word has grown more concerned about the Inspired’s involvement in lands they have not conquered by force. The enemy Quori used dream manipulation to good effect in the past, and it is feared they plan to use it again, aided by the narcotic called dreamlily.

Bedouin diverts his goal momentarily to stop by Madrasyla, where he once again meats up with the horned eneko, Fardinann…

Session 1


Warehouse Encounter: 210 XP, 0 gp each

Session 2


The Hungry Wolves = 260 XP each
Enter the Town (Crossing the River) = 40 XP each
Kobold Squatters = 220 XP each

Session 3


Vermin Infestation = 200 XP each
Unearthed Pets = 290 XP each
Monsters and Manuals = 250 Xp each
Loot = 34 gp each

Session 4


Hunt for Relics = 40 XP each
Goblin Patrol = 220 XP each
Krayd the Butcher = 160 XP each
Shrine of the Moon = 270 XP each
Loot = 178 gp each

Session 5


Goblin Wolf Brigade = 200 XP each
Keep Hidden = 250 XP each
Hu-Jat’s Squad = 270 XP each
Loot = 88 gp each

Session 6

Summary… 180 XP

The Stone’s Guardian = 100 XP each
Fight for Freedom (kobolds win against goblins) = 40 XP each
Destroy Goblin Control (goblins forced out of town) = 40 XP each
Loot = 100 gp worth of natural ritual components

Session 7

Summary … +340 XP

Severed Eyes Showdown = 340 xp each
Loot = 56 gp each

Session 8

Summary … +580 XP

Destroy Slaying Stone = 250 XP each
Collect Arcane Writings = 40 XP each
Devils at The Doorway = 290 XP each

Loot = 80 gp each (from the 400 gp payment for the Books)

Sesison 9

Summary … +925 XP each

Elemental Fusion = 255 XP each
Dreus’ Workshop = 370 XP each
Major Quest = 300 XP each

2000 gp in black pearls, Gem of Colloquay (Common), enhancement to Esker’s Eye


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