Ongoing Quests

  • Find and rescue Esker

Completed Quests


  • Stop the dreamlily trade
  • A note found in Ardhmen “Lots of plants in Gorizbadd. Setting up shop.”– D. S.
  • Mister Who says Gorizbadd was formerly known as Kiris Dahn


  • Find lore and artifacts related to early warforged
  • A dockworker mentioned some artifacts from Xen’drik arriving in port
  • Hired a dockworker in Ardhem to keep an eye out for Xen’drik warforged artifacts
  • Learn more from Treona about the Sentinels
  • Return the captured canine construct to Treona for further study
  • Seek out Ramuh, as the Resounding Windstone instructed him
  • Translated Primordial Script: “… The Zephyr Stone, the Fallen Scale, Fernia in Tese …”
  • See what can be learned from Kaeryn about the Sentinals in her lab.


  • A half-giant dubbed an ‘Ogre’ by Damon
  • Sent to deal with Dreus by her mentor

the Cadre


  • Score some dreamlily
  • Find a new life away from the memories of home
  • Deal with inner ghosts
  • Stay away from dragons
  • Second Stage Dreamlily Addiction; basically in a coma now


  • Find information about Alhana
  • Aid in any way in the war against the Dreaming Dark
  • Soul reft from his body, destroyed or sealed somewhere?
  • Body animated and taken by a mysterious woman


Shadows in Syrkarn Tygaran